The Concept of Ultrasonic Bubble Bath

Onsens in Japan are said to be therapeutic and healing due to the rich minerals content and ultrasound generated within the hot springs. The ultrasonic bubble bath is the result of an attempt to replicate the goodness of Onsens in the home.

The ultrasonic bubble bath has the capacity to produce thousands of bubbles rushing out collide with one another producing even more bubbles. The collision of bubbles also produces ultrasonic energy.

The ultrasonic bubble bath has the ability to replicate the production of ozone in nature. In addition, the ozone has the four main purposes:

  1. To disinfect the water
  2. To oxidize any chlorine in the water
  3. To remove odor
  4. To whiten surfaces such as pigmentation


The ultrasonic bubble bath combines the unique 3-in-1 alternative therapies of:

  1. Ultrasonic therapy
  2. Far Infrared therapy
  3. Ozone therapy


Here are the 5 Keys to Total Wellness

  1. Internal Warming Benefits
  2. Total Body Massage Benefits
  3. Deep Cleansing Benefits
  4. Exercise Effects Benefits
  5. Beauty and Body Contouring Benefits

1. Internal Warming Benefits

Feel the soothing warmth as ultrasonic waves drive heat deep into your body, warming your bones and internal organs, thus improving your blood circulation.


Three ways to bring about internal warming to your body when taking an ultrasonic bubble bath:

  1. The heat from the warm water from conduction.
  2. FIR being emitted which will penetrate through the skin to warm up and dilate the blood capillaries
  3. Ultrasound generated from the collision of bubbles penetrates through the skin and flesh, and absorbed by the bones.

Upon absorption, all this energy emitted is converted into heat which forms the basis of creating internal warming in your body. The heat continues to radiate out from within your body even after the ultrasonic bubble bath.

Our body is made up of 66% water; as such, our body can be warmed up rapidly. Just like boiling eggs in a hot spring; the yolk cooks faster than the egg white.

With a 38-degree Celcius ultrasonic bubble bath, the heat can reach the bones in approximately 10 minutes and expands outwardly. As a comparison, bathing in water with temperature of 42 degrees Celcius will take the heat about 90 minutes to reach the bones.

Immersion in ultrasonic bubble bath quickly heats up the body from within, reaching metabolic rate like in a natural hot spring. The effects of internal warming can promote the following health benefits:

  1. Enhanced blood circulation in our body
  2. Promotes blood production
  3. Revitalizing of cells
  4. Promotes normal secretion of hormones
  5. Strengthen the functions of reproductive organs
  6. Overall improved quality of life
  7. Total Body Massage Benefits

2. Total Body Massage Benefits

Feel the total body massage effects with ultrasonic bubble bath also commonly referred to as hydro-acupuncture

Massages 320 acupressure points across your body; a 5 minute ultrasonic bubble bath is equivalent to 1 hour professional massage where you will experience approximately 1127 massage effects per second across your body.

Tens of thousands of bubbles collide with the body at a pressure of 1.5 kg per square centimeter per second. This has the massaging effect done by at least 10 masseurs massaging the whole body at the same time.

However, there is a difference – this massage effect is different from those performed by masseurs; as the pressure is dispersed through the different layers of the cells. Massage by masseurs tends to compress the cells on the top layers of the skin; which can result in overstretched blue-black marks by inexperienced masseurs.

On the other hand, the massaging effect of an ultrasonic bubble bath can be felt on the entire body submerged inside the water with one evenness and one consistency.(see picture). This massaging effect is also close to the traditional Chinese acupuncture which involves releasing tension at the different pressure points. To some, this can also be referred to “hydro-acupuncture” that is using water to replace needles in performing acupuncture.

This hydro-acupuncture effect experienced in the ultrasonic bubble bath is beneficial in many ways;

  1. Relieves tension and fatigue muscles
  2. Relaxes the and balances the body
  3. Massages the backbone
  4. Encourages the production of red and white blood cells
  5. Stimulates internal organs
  6. Facilitates blood and lymph circulation

With the full body massage effect, this burns fat, eliminates flabby tissues, improves bust line as well as shapes the body thus boosting your image and confidence.

3. Deep Cleansing Benefits

Experience total cleansing of your pores and skin without the harsh and drying effects from chemicals and irritants in bathing soaps and shower foams

When your body is submerged under warm water, the pores on your skin open up. The vibrations from the rupturing and colliding of bubbles results in the flushing out the dead cells and other waste accumulated in the pores.(show diagram how it works)

The energy produced from the ultrasonic bubble bath produces 10,000 to 15,000 tremors per second; thus thoroughly cleans the whole body – this has the effect of achieving the following:

  1. Cleansing of the whole body
  2. Cleaning your pores
  3. Promoting metabolism
  4. Refreshing the body
  5. Relieving tension

Continuous use of the ultrasonic bubbles bath everyday loosen waste materials, dirt and grime from your skin, thus allowing your skin tissues to breathe better.

4. Exercise Effect Benefits

Experience the effects equivalent to a 3 to 5 km jog – increase heart beat rate and lower blood pressure burns 200 to 300 calories

Ideally, it is recommended that one should perform cardio exercises every day for at least 30 minutes to increase heartbeat, reduce calories and lower blood pressure. Using the ultrasonic bubble bath with the correct water temperature can help to achieve these effects relatively easily.

This is very beneficial for people who are busy with no time for regular exercise as well as elderly or sick person who cannot exercise due to their body conditions.


The exercising effects to the body are:

  1. Increased energy level
  2. Increased metabolism rate
  3. Reduced body fat
  4. Increased lean body muscles
  5. Reduces level of stress
  6. Reduced risk of serious diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes etc


A 15 minutes warm ultrasonic bubble bath every day is equivalent to a complete body workout, giving you all the multiple exercise benefits. When you feel energized and mentally alert, you are able to work and perform your daily duties and responsibilities more effectively.

5. Beauty and Body Contouring Benefits

Feel the effects of beauty, whitening, slimming and body contouring in an effortless way.

A 15 minutes ultrasonic bubble bath at the correct temperature and bubble speed can burn 200 – 300 calories. As such, with regular use, you can achieve slimming effects by trimming off excess layers of fat within the body. In addition, it also firms and tightens the skin.

Targeted slimming can be achieved by positioning the relevant parts of the body to the bombardment of ultrasonic bubbles.

The ozone produced from the ultrasonic bubble bath not only removes dead skin cells; but also kills bacteria and whitens the skin, thus giving you fairer and smooth looking skin.

As the ultrasonic waves penetrate your skin, they stimulate the cells in your body. This has the effect of “waking up” the dormant cells in your body. Combined with better blood circulation, your skin tone becomes more radiant and resilient, achieving better complexion.


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