History and Origins

Essential oils are considered mankind’s first medicine and have been used around the world for centuries. Essential oils and other aromatics have been used in religious rituals, to treat various illnesses, and for other physical and spiritual needs.

Research dates the use of essential oils back to 4500 BC. Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the potential of fragrance, and records demonstrate that oils and aromatics were used for treating illness and performing rituals and religious ceremonies in temples and pyramids.

In fact, 3 oils that are still commonly used today—cedarwood, myrrh, and frankincense—were used in the embalming process.

According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests and physicians used oils thousands of years before the time of Christ. There are more than 188 references to oils in the Bible, and some precious oils like frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, cassia, and cinnamon were used for the anointing and healing of the sick. Additionally, biblical prophets recognized the use of essential oils as protection against disease.

The reintroduction of essential oils into modern medicine first began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since that time essential oils have been used traditionally to kill harmful germs, as well as spiritually to balance mood, lift spirits, and dispel negative emotions.

In spite of its medicinal benefits, Essential Oils are mostly revered for its scent in modern society compared to its health-giving attributes.


What is Essential Oil?

Plants contain complex and powerful substances known as Essential Oils. These are aromatic liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, herbs, and seeds. Referred to as the essence of the plant, pure essential oils not only protect the plant, but also determine its aroma.

Believe it or not, Essential Oils are not really “oils”. They are the highly concentrated liquid that comes from the plant. For example, rose essential oil has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance that is intoxicating and highly romantic. It takes thousands of flower petals to create the drops that are in a single bottle of therapeutic grade rose oil, and adding a single drop of peppermint oil to a glass of water has approximately the same concentration as 20 bags of peppermint tea


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